Focus on growing, not paperwork.

Food hub automation software, and so much more.

Easy food hub management software that helps you plan, aggregate, distribute, and account for locally produced food.

Advanced Quickbooks Integration & EDI

You can sync in real-time with Intuit's cloud or batch export all your transactions to Quickbooks.

Accept Purchase Orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) from major grocers, like Whole Foods. Generate availability and send it via EDI or email to each of your buyers.

Plan Production For The Whole Year

Work with your growers in the off-season to plan production and sales throughout the rest of the year. Give your buyers advanced notice of what you'll have, when you'll have it, and when it becomes available.

Go Mobile And Take Your Data With You

Take your data where you need it: on your loading dock, in your warehouse & coolers, and in your delivery truck.

Eliminate clutter and keep all your information in one safe and secure place – accessible online anytime, anywhere.

Full Traceability and Much More

Increase visibility into all the connections of your local food network. All transactions are traced from farm to plate, from land to hand.

There is so much more and FoodHub Pro is constantly improving. Get a Demo and see for yourself!